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Discover Our Selection of Duncan Glazes

At Artist Corner, we are proud to offer a wide selection of Duncan glazes. Duncan is a leading supplier of glazes for hobbyists, schools, and professional artists. Duncan glazes are loved by ceramicists of all skill levels for their quality, variety, and the beautiful finishes they produce.

Explore the World of Duncan Ceramic Glazes

Duncan has been a leading supplier of ceramic glazes since the mid-1940s. What sets Duncan apart from other glaze suppliers is that they are best known for their ready-to-use liquid glazes. Duncan glazes can be used to create a wide range of finishes including matte, gloss, shimmer, crackle, and even specialty glazes like Duncan Crystals.

What Makes Duncan Glazes Stand Out?

Quality and Consistency

Duncan glazes are loved by ceramicists for their quality and consistency. Duncan glazes are made in the USA at the Duncan ceramics facility in Fresno, California. Their glazes are made from the finest raw materials and are designed to deliver consistent results every time. Duncan glazes are also lead-free and safe to use on food and drink containers when used as directed.

Variety of Colors and Textures

One of the things that makes Duncan glazes so special is the wide variety of colors and textures that they offer. At Artist Corner, you can shop a selection of our favorite Duncan glazes online including classic colors, bright and fun colors, and even specialty glazes.

Shop Online at Artist Corner

Whether you’re an artist looking to add a pop of color to your ceramic creations or a hobbyist looking to get started with ceramic glazing, there’s no better choice than Duncan glazes. With their wide selection of high-quality glazes, you’re sure to find the perfect glaze to bring your artistic vision to life.

Shop the Duncan glazes online at Artist Corner and get started on your next ceramic glazing project.

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