Margaret Kristy

I was born in Hollywood, California, into an artistic and musically talented family. At an early age, I quickly discovered my love of art, music, and literature. One of my favorite pastimes was watching old Hollywood and Disney movies, including the animated classics.
I have enjoyed working in many different medias, especially oils, watercolors, sculpting, various crafts and stained glass. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Brigham Young University. Currently, I am a member of a Women’s Art Council where we put on an annual art show.
For the past year, I have enjoyed exploring my newly found ways of mixing airbrush with pencil, color pencil, and pastels. In November, 2005, I was happy to show some of my new work at the Women’s Council Art Show, where I was asked to be their featured artist. I am very excited to continue expressing my creativity in the various media included in the process of doing liquid lead art. I’m looking forward to creating many more pictures using that method, including storybook and fairytale illustrations.