Lauren Short

(Born: September 14, 1989) Lauren wanted to be an artist from a young age. All of her older siblings had done some type of artwork and naturally she had done the same. In elementary through Jr. High school she received several art awards. Over the years some of the art classes she has taken are: Art foundations, Advanced art, Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture. She loves to work with almost any type of art medium. She attends Timpanogos Highschool and her first year there she entered two of her pieces into the schools magazine kaleidoscope and received 3rd place along with getting both pieces in the magazine. This year she is taking Photography, AP art. And in her spare time this Liquid Lead class to better her drawing ability. Her opinion of art ” I love art and I believe almost anyone can do it, all they need is motivation and patients. The key to art is taking something you love and put your own emotion into it. There is no right or wrong.” In December of 2005 she had the honor of getting one of her paintings sighed by Country Singer Dwight Yoakam.