Dorothy Johnson

Dorothy Johnson is currently a student at Utah Valley University majoring in Art and Visual Communication. Her emphasis will be in Graphic Design with a heavy emphasis on Flash and web design. She is from Orem Utah, and worked for 20 years in Salt Lake City as a lighting specialist, Dorothy started drawing when she was 10 years old, following in the footsteps of one of her best friends and superb artist, Lorna Raty. Lorna’s father Lane Raty was a professor of art at Brigham Young University. Dorothy’s friend Lorna passed away from breast cancer in 2006. Since that time Dorothy has dedicated her time to improve on her art skills. While at a friends house Dorothy met fellow student and artist extradonaire Blake Dorner and saw a drawing he was doing of Heath Ledger. Dorothy was so impressed with Blakes art and the method he described that she knew right then that she has found her passion for life. I feel blessed that my departed parents are watching out for me and guiding me, with out them at this time I would feel lost, and I know that they are helping to direct my path in life in many ways. I love this method of art and will continue to pursue it and improve on my skills Dorothy