Ben Dunsmore

Hi ya’ll! My name is Ben Dunsmore. I am from Arcadia Utah. Try and find that one. I have enjoyed art my whole life and have had a talent for it. In the third grade we got to do something called artist of the week. Where we would draw something and the teacher would post it on a board. Well I made the mistake of having my Dad correct two of the lines, which skinied down the deer face in my picture. I made the bigger mistake of telling her my Dad helped me. When it came time to hand back the picture the teacher gave a spill about how it was suppost to be our work not our parents. Well that did not sit very well and I did not draw for awhile, but like all vices that did not last to long. I pick it back up and have toyed around with it for a while now. When I found out about the classes taught by Tim Bird. I decided I needed to figure a way to take the class. I did and I am so glad that I decided to do that. I love to draw and to airbrush. Now I can enjoy it more that I have found a way to improve it more then it was. One word of advice Never give up on the things you love.