Alicia Short

(born: December 18, 1986) Alicia always loved art since childhood, but her greatest achievements happened while attending Timpanogos High and other recent occasions. Before 11th grade started she was encouraged to take the Advanced Placement Art course, plus another form of the test for greater experience. The College Board mailed an AP Scholar Award: recognizing exemplary achievements. She’s also received two nominations at the Orem UT Scera, then honors from the Springville Art Museum. Her perspective: “Art has no standard right or wrong …but you’ve got to express a growing idea, an emotional value, so the viewer connects and thinks carefully about: What? How? and Why?” During Alicia’s senior year, the drama department asked her to create character makeup designs for ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ The performance used these ideas, and its success expanded the artist’s enthusiasm towards her talents. It is one of her favorite memories too. She stays involved with various art styles: acrylic, oil & watercolor, pencil, pen, pastels, or mixed media. Currently taking classes in airbrushing has magnified what Alicia has learned in the past and applies it to something breathtaking.